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Head of Sales – with experience in B2B sales

Are you a technology enthusiast with a proven experience in sales who wants to combine professional goals with passion? If so, then you should join our rapidly expanding start-up and become part of a team of virtual explorers.

Khora is a leading VR/AR production house based in Kødbyen. We opened the world’s first VR store in 2016 and produced the first Danish virtual reality game. Since then we have introduced VR to +20.000 people, organized 500 workshops and produced over 60 VR/AR solutions for B2B and B2C segments. Yup, it was a busy couple of years for us. We work with a wide range of industries such as Healthcare, Education, Marketing, Art and more.

We are not industry limited as we seek to explore the potential for this cutting-edge technology everywhere. You will join one of the most experienced VR/AR production houses in Northern Europe. Although we have succeeded in selling 60 different productions, we do not yet have a fully developed sales department. So you will be the first of your kind!

Job description

We are looking for a head of sales who can develop and implement an effective sales strategy for VR/AR solutions by reaching out to potential clientele in B2B segments, informing them of our effective production capabilities and being able to breakdown a project in a comprehensive manner. Long story short: you need to know what you are doing and do it well. The majority of our current productions are commercial projects that fall within the marketing category.
We promise, working at Khora will get you to to the top position at your family gatherings.


• Proven experience in B2B sales (so…you’ve tried it more than once)

• Experience in development and implementation of effective sales strategy (could you sell your little brother on eBay?)

• Experience in project management

• Experience with budgeting (numbers are your friends)

• Basic experience with contracts

• Fluency in Danish and English

• NOT a corporate seller. Nothing personal, it’s not you, it’s us. We are just not ready for you yet.

That being said, we would also like you to be an outgoing person with a sales driven mindset and a passion for technology.

If you believe that you’ve got these skills and more, send an application to and come talk to us at KHORA!


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